What to expect at your first window cleaning appointment

Thank you for considering our cleaning services. Below is our service information to help you understand our cleaning systems and policies.

Client Notifications:

The usual notification is to have residences close their windows and remove any screens that are on the outside of the glass. Any extra notifications required will be determined as per job site.

Water-fed (Tucker) pole method:

This is the most economical and safest method for cleaning glass. The majority of window cleaning companies use this option for buildings that are between 2-4 stories.

Water-fed pole window cleaning is a soap-less method of cleaning windows. Tap water is fed through a hose, attached to a brush at the end of a large telescopic carbon-fibre pole. The brush is used to scrub the glass and frames, lightly agitating the surface and then breaks down the dirt. A final rinse removes all the dirt from the glass.

Most townhome and condo complexes request inaccessible window cleaning. This includes all windows that are inaccessible to the residents. The accessible windows are those that are on the ground floor and balconies. We can also provide cleaning for skylights, awning glass, and railing glass. If inaccessible railing glass is requested, we would clean the outsides of the railings (inaccessible to the resident). If the client would like accessible glass on the balconies cleaned, we would need to have access by ladder or rope descent system.

The one risk of water-fed pole cleaning is water spot residue. There are certain types of coated glass that do not let the water run off the surface properly during the rinsing phase, especially when the glass is hot. This will leave water spots after the glass has dried.

The customer must understand that choosing the water-fed method will usually do a great job of getting glass clean, with minimal spotting. If they want guaranteed spot-free glass, we also provide the squeegee method.

Squeegee method:

This method generally guarantees clean and clear glass if performed regularly. The majority of companies use this method for high-rise buildings, storefronts, and residential homes. In order to access the windows safely, we can use ladders, aerial lifts, or rope access techniques.

The squeegee method allows the window cleaner to access the window by hand, and come face-to-face with the cleaning surface to ensure quality.

The cost is generally quite a bit more than the water-fed pole method.

Overall, both methods do a good job of cleaning windows, if performed on a regular maintenance schedule. If there is any post-construction debris, mineral deposits, paint over-spray or other stains, the client will need to decide if restoration cleaning is necessary. This would involve a combination of scraping, acids, and/or other chemicals to restore the glass.

Screen Removal Policy:

All window screens must to be removed by the customer prior to the service appointment to avoid delay of service and extra billing fees. We usually request for customers to remove screens to reduce risk of liability.

What happens if the screens are not removed or windows remain open?

If a screen is left in place or a window is still open on the day of the service, then we cannot clean the window and may need to re-schedule an appointment to revisit for that specific window on another date, at the request of the client. A small fee will be charged for the service call.

What happens if a resident complains that their window is still dirty?

When a deficiency is reported (usually less than 7 days after cleaning), it is best to first determine if the window has one of the following:

  1. Dirty glass on the insides
  2. Condensation build-up between the panes from a damaged window seal, or
  3. Mineral stains from years of deposit build-up

If none of the above are the case, we will then schedule a deficiency cleaning to ensure customer satisfaction. If the deficiency is not legitimate, or the complaint is unjustified, a small fee will be charged for the service call.

High-rise (5 stories and up):

Because we use a rope access system, we will need access to the roof in order to drop down from the roof anchor system. Please have a key/fab available for the day so we can use the elevator and complete the “drops” required to access the windows.

We also need a written roof anchor inspection report on the day we start the work.

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