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water fed pole window cleaning

What’s all the fuss about water-fed pole window cleaning?

For professionally cleaned windows, the squeegee system has been the method of choice for years. Cleaning crews that are trained in the art of squeegeeing, using industry quality equipment will give you the best results. Decades ago, Tucker Pole Systems came out with a water-fed-pole & brush method, which helped reach windows without the use of ladders. The problem was that there was not a standard training system for this new method. Also, the poles were made of aluminum, which was heavy and awkward at reaching high windows.

In the last decade, numerous companies have manufactured high-tech, ultra-light carbon telescopic poles, providing a lightweight, sturdy option. Brush technology also improved, becoming wider and lighter, which improved efficiency and quality. With proper training, window cleaning technicians can now reach up to 5 stories with good results.

We use Gardiner Poles Systems. Our staff are trained to brush and rinse properly, with minimal spotting. We’ve found 3 major benefits to using this method: 1. Safety – less ladder work means less potential fall hazards. 2. Efficiency – we can clean at almost twice the speed, reducing costs and fatigue. 3. Accessibility – window that otherwise cannot be reached with a ladder or rope descent system can now be accessed from the ground with long poles!

The main hurdle for our customers to get over it the quality control. Because there are more chances for user error, the employee training systems are essential to ensure proper scrubbing and rinsing. There are also problem solving systems we have in place for things like stubborn stains, hydrophobic glass, or leaky window frames.

In Vancouver, our water has very little minerals, therefore we can use water straight from the tap. In other areas in Canada, they need to use a filtration system to remove minerals which will leave spotty residue.

As I look out my North Vancouver office windows and see the spring sun creeping higher and higher, I’m looking forward to another great season of serving our customers.